While passing through Agara on Sarjapur road, Bangalore, God gave me a burden to pray for the people of that area. God instigated a passionate desire to start a ministry where there was no church.

When we were in His presence, God spoke to me that I should start a ministry by name “Faith”. In the year 2000, we obeyed the Lord and started Faith Full Gospel Church (FFGC). We rented a house in Agara to start a church. It was a humble beginning – We started with a Malayalam service in which only 6 people including my family attended. God indeed did miracles and wonders in the church by healing people, delivering them from satanic bondage and adding them to the Kingdom of God.

As the church grew, we had to undergo persecutions from the local people. Glory be to our God who gave us victory as the church continued to constantly fast and pray. Meanwhile, God also helped us to start English and Kannada service. By God’s grace, FFGC community is growing by transforming lives one at a time.

– Pastor John K Stephen