At FFGC, a group of people gather together on a regular basis to fellowship. If you are new to FFGC, we encourage you to attend life groups. Life groups are the means to be connected to the church, to learn the values, grow in faith in a conducive atmosphere. Whatever may be your spiritual journey or orientation, we highly recommend everyone to join these life groups, connect with others in fellowship. That’s why we have life groups.

Our heartfelt desire is that every member be connected with each other, learn from the word of God and serve Almighty God. While in church during the preaching or teaching you listen while the speaker speaks. At life groups there is an active participation of all individuals during the discussion of the text. You will be able to listen and share the insights.

Being actively involved in life groups develops relationship and friendships and in this small group setting you will discover and understand that your problems, difficulties are not unique. Everyone have one or the other problems and you will learn the biblical principles to be an over comer. While at the time of crisis, trouble everyone needs support of one another, at life groups you will get ample of good support. You will realize that there are people who really care for you. They will support you through prayer and stand with you. Life group will instill passionate desire for sharing the gospel with your family, relatives and colleagues, unbeliever friends or family. Everybody will be allowed to attend bible study at home or office settings. It is at these small group setting where there will be calm, composed discussion and active participation of all the individuals. When they find the warmth and love at these group setting, they will be receptive to the gospel.

Life Groups: Growth oriented

Whether you are a new believer or a follower of Christ, you need to keep growing and also be encouraged, you will discover God actively involved in your life and the truth that discussed having applied in life, your faith and your relationship with God and others will be strengthened.