Name it ,Claim it & Receive it

O’thou that hearest prayer, unto thee shall all flesh come  (Psalms 65:2)

psalms 65_2Once there was a mother, with a very handsome son. She brought him up with good care and great love.  As he grew up, he became indifferent to his mother’s precious love and was attracted by lust of this world, by joining bad & evil friends. The heart broken mother held fast to God praying “Dear Lord, save my son, bring him back to your good ways. “She continued to fast and pray. But the adamant son continued to lead a sinful life and in the meantime married a girl of shady character and lived with her. Soon she showed her true color and started going out with other men. He was completely upset with everything in life. This is the time he realized all the good things his mother taught him in his life. Regretting his past sinful life, he returned to his mother seeking her forgiveness. The mother forgave him and gave him new life. Her prayers made God change his life upside down. His life turned for better and from bearing fruit of death. He started bearing fruit of eternal Life .He led a new and divine life.